Best Infrared Heaters (Reviews and Buying Guide 2017)

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Best Infrared Heater ReviewsWinter season is often uncomfortable and boring except for the excitement of Christmas parties and Santa’s gift! That is when one will start missing the best buddy – Space heater, that keeps you warm and happy in winter or in fact, throughout the year. Convection and radiant heaters are the two major types of space heaters. Convection heater heats up the air around the heater whereas the latter heats up the objects around it.

Infrared space heaters are the energy efficient solution to heat up both indoor and outdoor spaces that have poor or no insulation such as patio where you want to party often or the garage where your creativity reaches its peak. They are ideal for many industrial and commercial applications too.

Being more energy efficient than the convection type of heaters, the infrared heating option is worth considering as a compliment to the central heating system. But, it is little difficult to generalize them since the infrared space heating is a vast subject. They can be powered by natural gas, propane or electricity and they come in wide variety of designs that make them suitable to use in different locations like the bathroom, garage or outdoor area like a patio.

The advantage of versatility itself makes you do a little research before buying an infrared heater. We are here providing all the relevant information, pros and cons and safety measures to follow while using an infrared heater. We have summarized all the aspects and features of infrared heaters, analysis of its energy efficiency and much more in our infrared space heaters buying

We are here providing all the relevant information, pros and cons and safety measures to follow while using an infrared heater. We have summarized all the aspects and features of infrared heaters, analysis of its energy efficiency and much more in our infrared space heaters buying guide.

To assist you further, we have listed all different types of space heaters in the different price range in the top infrared space heaters list that will help you to find the best heater for you no matter what your requirement is.


Ivation Portable Electric Space Heater, 1500-Watt4.6 Check..Price

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black4.5 Check..Price

Holmes Quartz Tower Heater, White4.3 Check..Price

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt4.3 Check..Price

Holmes HQH341-NUM Quartz Tower Heater, Black4.3 Check..Price

Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater w/Remote4.2 Check..Price

VonHaus Wood Electric 4 Element Infrared Fan Heater with Wheels4.1 Check..Price

Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote4.1 Check..Price

Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet & Remote4.1 Check..Price


Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Holmes Quartz Tower Heater, White

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Holmes HQH341-NUM Quartz Tower Heater, Black

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater w/Remote

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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VonHaus Wood Electric 4 Element Infrared Fan Heater with Wheels

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote

Best Infrared Heater Reviews

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Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet & Remote

Best Infrared Heater Reviews
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Now that you have decided to go for an infrared space heating solution, you need to be more specific as what type to buy. First, comes the fuel type -you wish to buy an electric infrared space heater or the one fuelled by propane?

Secondly, where do you want to use that infrared space heater – you settle for a portable infrared heater so that it can be carried to the garage or patio or bathroom or simply wherever you go or you want to get it fixed on the wall?

Design wise, you prefer the humidifier plus heater combo or the one with an oscillating fan?
Pardon me if I am confusing you. Because of so many different specifications, it is little tricky to make any general claims about the infrared space heaters. Our detailed buying guide will help you to find the answer and I am sure you will end up buying the best one.

How do infrared heaters work

Heat from an infrared heater can be compared to that from the sun. The infrared light is not visible to our naked eye. However, the invisible light is absorbed by the objects that come in contact with and gets heated up. To put it simply, as you have observed, you feel the warmth in direct sunlight than under a tree, since the shade blocks out a lot of the light.
Similar to the giant outdoor heater – the sun, the infrared space heaters also warm objects around it and not the ambient air.

Different types of Infrared Heaters

With the same working principle, infrared heaters come in different design and with a different power source. Select wisely the one that matches your requirements.

Infrared propane heaters

Space heaters that are designed for outdoor use are all infrared space heaters usually powered by propane. However, there are some propane heaters safe for indoor use as well.
The main advantage of using propane heaters is that you do not have to rely on electricity. You get to enjoy the warmth even when you are dry camping, away from the required infrastructure to connect the heaters to a power supply. Propane infrared heaters require less effort to install and almost no maintenance.
Propane is a clean burning fuel with no odor and also is less flammable. So it is pretty much safe to use even indoor. However, go through the specification and make sure that the particular model you are buying is good to use in an enclosed area.

Electric Infrared heaters

As the name suggest, this particular type of infrared heaters uses electricity as the heat source. The electric infrared heaters may require some basic installation if you are going for a wall mounting type of heaters; otherwise, all need to be done is to plug into a power outlet and switch on the heater. Rest is taken care by the heater. Portable electric infrared heaters with compact design are sure to keep you warm, provided you are only a few feet away from the available power outlet.
Electric space heaters are always convenient to use; there is no hassle of buying a propane tank and changing it after it gets empty. Also, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even, budget wise, the operational cost of electric infrared heaters is less. To ensure that you are buying the right electric heater, read the specification to know about the volts and Hz.

Infrared natural gas heaters

Natural gas heaters are less expensive to operate compared to any other types of heaters. Unlike propane fuelled heaters, there is no need to refill the fuel. So, overall, infrared natural gas heaters are cheaper and convenient heating option to consider.

Construction and Design

Infrared heaters come in wide variety of designs. From the tower style sleek design to the unit with wooden casting there are numerous options to choose from.

Tower style infrared heaters are best to use when space is already occupied by many other kinds of stuff since such type of heaters takes less floor space. However, bear in mind that tower style heaters easily get knocked over.

Whatever the style you prefer to buy, you need not have to compromise with the decor. The cool to touch infrared heaters come enclosed in a stylish wooden cabinet so that you can easily match it up with the furniture.

If you do not prefer to buy a heater that sits like an antic wooden stuff then there are many elegantly designed infrared heaters that are made up of a metal outer body and come in wide variety of colors which blends well with any ambiance.

Useful features available in Infrared space heaters

Dual heat setting

This allows you to set the heat output to either low or high. This feature very much useful when you are using a portable heater in the different room with different dimensions. Also, it is quite common that we need the heater to give its maximum heat in peak winter and expect only a little warmth during other seasons.

Quartz infrared heater

Infrared heaters with a heating element made up of quartz, emit medium wave infrared energy. Quartz heaters are quite, efficient and quicker in action.

Infrared heater with humidifier

Humidifiers add much-needed moisture to the usually dry winter air. A space heater that creates a comfortable toasty environment without taking the moisture away is definitely a worth investment.

Digital display

LED display to show the preset temperature and the surrounding temperature in °F/°C that is clearly visible.

Remote control

You can easily switch on the unit, set the timer and choose the heat settings to low or high from wherever you are sitting using a remote control. The heaters will be accessible usually from 10 to 16 feet and differ from model to model.

Eco setting

The Eco setting will be the third heat setting available in some models other than the low and high heat settings.ECO setting is an economical option which ensures that the unit almost never runs at the maximum watts without compromising the heat output.
To illustrate it better – ECO mode is to keep the output temperature strictly at a certain warm temperature, say 68° F. The wattage used is raised to 1500W when the temperature is 64.4°F and slowly the wattage used will be reduced as the temperature reaches 66.2° F and stops heating once the desired 68° F is achieved.

Cleaning the space heater

The convenient washable filter makes cleaning the space heater much easier.

Safety Features

The fire hazards caused during winter are quite common and are mainly caused by space heaters. Statistics may scare you, but today’s space heaters are all equipped with necessary safety features. So, it is absolutely safe to use space heaters, if you consider the following safety features while buying.


Thermostat: The thermostat is to control temperature. It senses the unit’s temperature and maintains the desired preset temperature. The thermostat ensures that the space heater never gets overheated.

Tip-over protection: Sleek tower style infrared heaters tend to get knocked over accidentally. With the tip over protection switch, heater gets automatically switched off in such situations. The feature is very much important while using the heater near kids and pets.

Timer: Programmable timer lets you program the heater in such a way that the unit turns on at the preset time and shuts off at the preset time. You can set it in such a way that, heater keeps your room warm and comfortable just before you come home from the office. Also, this feature is very much important when the unit is left unattended. There will not be any risk of fire hazards caused by overheating of the space heater.

Place to Install

Infrared space heaters are so versatile that they are ideal to use in many different locations like bathroom, bedroom or even outdoor space like the patio. In fact, all the patio heaters are infrared types of heaters since they are the only energy efficient heating systems suitable for outdoor space where there is no insulation.

Infrared ceiling heaters

Ceiling heaters are the perfect choice to have on your balcony since they are not going to disturb the ambiance or take any space in between the outdoor setup but continue to keep the area warm uniformly.
In bathrooms, where it is quite common that most of the areas tend to get damped, going for the ceiling space heaters make sense.
Some of the bathroom heaters do come with an exhaust fan to take the unwanted odor out of the bathroom.
There are infrared heaters out on the market that can be used as a source of light as well. Such LED light plus heater combo is worth the investment which can be used in the garage or near your work desk or deck/ patio with the roof.

• Infrared wall heaters

These are the wall mounting type of heaters. They are so elegantly designed that they can be mounted on any wall without worrying about the room’s décor and they blend well with the ambiance.
Some of the infrared wall mounting fireplaces come with decorative LED lights with different color options.
Infrared wall heaters may require some basic installation to fix them on the wall and connecting the heater to the power supply. But once installed, they are sure to create a toasty comfortable room for you without hassle. Also, there will be no risk of knocking them down accidentally or by the curious pets and kids.

 Portable infrared heaters

Mean to be portable, these infrared heaters are compactly designed so that you can carry them from one room to another.

As the infrared heaters do not take much time to heat up space, owning a portable infrared heater makes sense. As a complement to the central heating system, you can have a portable infrared heater in your bedroom which you can also carry to the bathroom in the morning. That way, there will be no hassle of any installation or buying different heaters for each separate room.

Portable heaters often come with easy grip handles and cool-to-touch feature to ensure safety.

However, while buying a portable heater always consider the room that is biggest of all. If you buy a portable heater that is just enough to heat a small room, you may not get the enough warmth while using it in a bigger room and similarly if you buy a heater with more heat output (often measured in BTUs) you may end up wasting energy while using it in a small area. To resolve this particular issue, heaters nowadays, come with dual mode settings – “low” for a small room and “high” for the big room.

Are infrared heaters energy efficient?

Infrared heaters are highly efficient because of the obvious reason -they, transfer heat through radiations i.e., they heat the objects and not the surrounding air. Whereas, conventional heaters heat up the air and it is quite obvious that, it takes time and in turn energy to heat up the entire room. Also, in the case of poor insulation, hot air gets escaped and the heater needs to continuously put its effort to keep you warm.

To illustrate it better, imagine the situation, where you have switched on the convection type of heater in your bedroom and after few minutes, you get to feel the warmth. Now, suddenly for some reason, if you need to go out of the room, once you open the door the precious hot air gets escaped from your bedroom. So, the heater need continue its job.

But, that is not the case of infrared heaters. Enclosed room or the outdoor area will not impact the heater’s efficiency. Whatever may be the fuel used the infrared heaters transfer heat to the targeted objects and hence, are fully energy efficient.

The infrared heaters with a heating element made up of ceramic or quartz further add up to the heater’s efficiency. They make the heating process faster.

Are infrared heaters safe?

There are a lot of myths around infrared heat and its effect on one’s health. Let me make it clear here; infrared heater is not going to cause any health risk and in fact, there are several health benefits of getting exposed to infrared radiations. Let us decode it now.

Firstly, infrared space heater emits zero pollutants. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Convection type of heaters circulates hot air from high-temperature area to the area with low temperature. This may result in allergen laden dusty air circulating all around the room. Infrared heaters are not going to alter the quality of air in any way.

Most of the oil- filled convection heaters deplete the level of oxygen in the surrounding. Most of the new models are equipped with Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) to avoid such consequences. But, there is no such risk if you go for an infrared space heater. They are going to keep you toasty without letting you worry about air quality and pollution.

Now you can enjoy winter with infrared heater next to you without any fear of health risks; there is one more good news for you. Getting exposed to infrared radiation is actually healthy for you!

Yes! you heard it right. Infrared heaters emit wavelengths that our skin absorbs easily. This helps in better blood circulation and improvement in body immunity. Infrared heat detoxifies the body and is also prove to help cancer patients to some extent.

So, the little heater that is meant to keep you warm and cozy also helps to maintain a healthy home ecosystem.

Infrared heaters pros and cons

Now you know the health benefits that an infrared heater can provide. At the same time, there are some downsides of the infrared heating system which can cause some damage that can be easily remedied with extra precautions. But the infrared heating system is sure to keep your family and home warm and toasty without compromising the quality of air.


  • Quick in action.
  • In the case of convection heaters, the heat starts traveling from the cool area to the warmer area of the room and obviously, this process takes quite some time to heat up the entire room.
  • Infrared heaters provide instant heat the moment the heater is switched on. This is mainly because; the radiative type of heater heats up the targeted object.
  • Silent operation.
  • The oil filled convection type heaters are often fan assisted. Such space heaters are very noisy and hence are not ideal for use in the bedroom.
  • Comfortable and healthy heat.
  • Infrared heaters provide comforting gentle warmth without letting the air dry out by taking the moisture out from the air. So, the heaters do not cause dry skin or irritation in your sinuses.
    Getting exposed to infrared rays is good for your health also as it is proven by researchers that infrared rays improve blood circulation in our body.
  • Cost effective.
  • Since the infrared heaters target the heat output to the objects and never waste energy to heat up the unused spaces infrared space heaters are proven to be highly energy efficient.
    Also, the infrared heaters start heating up immediately the unit is switched on. This assures that there is no waste of energy.
  • Minimal Maintenance.
  • Infrared heaters demand very less maintenance with no motor wear out and no filters to replace. They do not require any lubrication. Periodically cleaning the reflectors is enough to make the unit work perfectly.


  • The coils of the heaters get too hot and may be dangerous to use around kids. However, since the domestic use of infrared heaters is increasing now a day, the heaters are equipped with all the necessary safety features so that you can enjoy the warmth without having to worry about the fire hazard or any other negative consequences.
  • Infrared heaters give off light along with the heat. Now, this is an aspect of an infrared heater can be advantageous to some and a big no-no for others. The light emitted by the heater can act like a bed light which is going to be useful for those who wish to have some light in the room while sleeping – for example – to the new moms who ought to take care of the newborn or to the toddlers who are scared of ghosts in total darkness.
  • The bright orange light may not let you sleep if you are one among those who can not get sleep unless there is total darkness.
  • Zone warming makes the heater highly energy efficient. But, it may fail to keep you warm if you are moving around in the room and not sitting in one place. Most of the infrared heaters are equipped with an oscillator to disperse the heat output to address this particular problem.
  • Infrared heaters start keeping you warm and comfortable immediately the unit is switched on. But they also stop radiating heat once switched off. So, you need to switch off the unit only when you are going out of the room or if you are just not in need of warmth anymore.


Having a complementary heating solution along with the central heating system is always a wise thought. If you wish to have a heater that is quick in action, reliable and highly energy efficient than infrared heater is for you.

Infrared heaters are suitable to be installed in any type of locations whether it poorly insulated outdoor area like patio or bathroom where the unit tend to get damped often or your cozy bedroom or living area or even in the garage. Infrared heaters are just perfect to get rid of the winter chill.

To help you find the best one, in the infrared heater buying guide we have included all the aspects of infrared space heaters to be considered before buying. All the necessary information about the heater is reliable and is sure to improve your knowledge as well.

The top 10 Infrared heater list is sure to reduce your effort in finding the best one that matches your requirement.