Best Ceramic Heaters (Reviews and Buying Guide 2017)

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Best Ceramic HeatersHard winter makes anyone think of an efficient yet convenient and budget friendly heating system in the bedroom or near the office desk.

With the newly arrived ceramic heaters, now you can enjoy effective heating in any room of the house. The ceramic heater comes in different styles – you can go for tower ceramic heaters or the one with a compact design for easy portability. You can even fix them on a wall without having to compromise with the decor of your room.

In our top ceramic heater reviews, we have listed out the best ceramic heaters of different price range along with the special features they offer. If you are still not clear with the specifications and other aspects to be considered while purchasing a ceramic space heater, our ceramic heater buying guide will be of great help to you.


Heater Name
Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote Control4.5 Check..Price

Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote4.3 Check..Price

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control4.3 Check..Price

Pelonis NT204.3 Check..Price

Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 16-Inch4.2 Check..Price

Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater4.2 Check..Price

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat4.1 Check..Price

Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater4.1 Check..Price

DeLonghi DCH10304.0 Check..Price


Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote Control

Best Ceramic Heaters

This oscillating 1500watt ceramic heater is a designer piece to have in your house that provides comfortable warmth without affecting the décor.

With its unique design, the unit is sure to catch every guest’s attention. It looks like a fancy piece of pottery than a plastic space heater. Not only a great product appearance vice, this ceramic heater from Lasko features all the useful functionalities and safety features as well.

Being a ceramic space heater, the unit is self-temperature regulating. Along with this, the heater also features low and high-temperature settings. The auto thermostat controlled settings ensure that the heater shuts off upon reaching the desired temperature thereby avoiding any fire hazards due to overheated space heater.

The Lasko space heater is quiet in operation and puts out a decent amount of heat. Full room coverage is assured with its oscillation feature. However, you can select the oscillation from 60 to 90 degree and it is not a full 360-degree oscillation.

Even the timer functionality is kept very simple and easy to use with 3 separate lights for 1hr, 2 hr, and 4 hr. if you press the timer button once 1hr light will be on, upon pressing 3 times both the 1hr and 2 hr will light up and similarly set up the heater for 7 hours press the timer button 7 times so that all the 1hr, 2 hr, and 4 hr will light up ( 1+2+4=7 hours timer).

The space heater is cool to touch and with the automatic shut off feature, you can use the heater without having to worry even around pets.

All in all, this Lasko ceramic space heater is an amazing product to have that is sure to make hard winters comfortable for you. Packed with all the necessary features plus the remote control is a definitely a wise choice at this affordable price range.

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Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

Best Ceramic Heaters

With the fan powered heat delivery and the patented blower technology this ceramic heater from Lasko is going to be the ultimate complementary heating solution to your home’s central heating system.

Built with trusted Lasko quality, the cool to touch design and all the necessary safety features like automatic overheat protection this Lasko ceramic heater is deserved to be ETL listed. Easy to assemble base avoids the unit from tipping over. However, remember that the Lask0 6462 does not shut off automatically upon accidentally tipping over.

Complete 360-degree oscillation is one of the most useful features that is not so common in most of the other models. You can even restrict the oscillation to 90 or 170 degrees or opt for complete 360-degree full sweep according to your preferences.

Unlike the other space heaters, this 1500 watt heater puts out heat at nearly 24 inches off the ground level. This is going to be an added advantage while using it near your work desk or many such scenarios. You can select between the two heat settings – low/high settings as per the weather condition and your preferences.

Designed to deliver high quality, this 25inches tall heater is capable of projecting warmth throughout the room and is fairly sturdy. The heater is backed by 3 years limited warranty.

Lasko has made even the cleaning process very easy by providing easy access to its removable filter cover.

Overall, with its well lit LED display, easily programmable digital thermostat and fairly impressive construction makes this heater a best choice to make.

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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control

Best Ceramic Heaters

Lasko 755320 is another space heater from Lasko that is of tower style and can be used to warm up your bedroom, bathroom or simply anywhere you need it. The unit is portable with its built-in carry handle so that you can easily carry the heater from one room to another.

The 1500 watt ceramic heater can output comforting heat instantly with three heat settings – low, high and auto. The heater works at 1500w on high heat setting and on 900w when the low heat setting is selected. Other than these two settings, you can set the desired temperature according to your preferences and weather condition using an automatic thermostat. In this ‘auto’ mode, suppose you have set the temperature, then the heater shuts itself off upon reaching this temperature. Once the room temperature starts to fall beyond the preset limit, the heater turns on automatically; thereby maintaining the preset temperature.

The programmable timer is yet another useful feature of Lasko 755320. The heater shuts off automatically after the preset number of hours. This ensures safety while using the heater unattended.

Though it does not feature fan only option, oscillation feature is very useful since it distributes heat throughout the room uniformly.

This tower ceramic heater from Lasko is very simple and easy to use with push button controls and digital display. The unit also comes with remote control, so that you can set temperature even when you are sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show or in the middle of your sleep.

Lasko products are known to last long and this tower heater looks sturdy and strong. The unit is backed by 1-year limited warranty anyhow!

Only gripe about this product is that, the unit does not shuts off automatically upon tipped over. However considering all the other necessary features like oscillation, 3 heat settings – low, high and auto, programmable timer and digital display this ETL listed ceramic heater from Lasko is definitely a worthy investment for you this winter.

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Pelonis NT20

Best Ceramic Heaters

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Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 16-Inch

Best Ceramich Heaters

This 16 inches tall ceramic tower heater is so versatile that it can be used on a tabletop or on the floor to heat up any part of the house. The heater gives you direct heat that is just perfect to warm up your feet or you can opt for oscillation feature to warm up the small cozy space instantly.

The fully assembled unit is very simple and easy to use. You can select the intensity of the heat output from low to high. Lasko 5307 also features ‘Fan only’ option so that your investment on this heater is going to be useful even during summer!

Packed with all the necessary safety features, this ETL listed ceramic tower heater is safe to use around kids and pets. The unit is backed by 3 years warranty also.

Using comfort air technology, this Lasko ceramic heater is proven to be extremely reliable. Though the unit is fan assisted and oscillating type Lasko 5307 is very quite in operation.

Comfort is made safe and affordable by Lasko by introducing this tower ceramic heater that is ideal for both table top use or to warm a small room. And they have made it stylish and compact as well.

To sum it up, Lasko 5307 is a simple space heater in the affordable price range which warms you up instantly and thus can be used as an effective alternative to the central heating system. If you are looking for a heater that needs to be portable, needs to gush out descent amount of heat with ease of use, then this is the product for you.

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Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater

Best Ceramic Heaters

Portable heaters are everyone’s favorite choice because of their simplicity, ease of use and no installation hassles. A portable heater that is ceramic is an added advantage since it offers instant heat anywhere anytime.

This portable ceramic heater from Holmes is a great little workhorse that is a perfect choice to take the chill out of bedroom, living area, office or simply anywhere.

The heater is easy to use with easy to adjust manual controls and comes with adjustable thermostat.

You can set the intensity of heat output to low or high. The ceramic heater runs at 1500W at its high heat setting. This fan-forced ceramic heater distributes heat evenly throughout the room and is quick in action.

This compact unit is cool to touch with its plastic housing and hence made it easy for safe portability. Integrated handle and light weight design also contribute to the unit’s portability.

You can easily notice that the unit is ON since the red light is clearly visible. The space heater shuts off automatically if gets overheated. So, you can use the unit without any worries. Holmes compact ceramic heater is backed by 1 year limited warranty.

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Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Best Ceramic Heaters

Being the number one product in Amazon in space heater category, this ceramic portable heater is ideal to heat up a targeted area instantly.

This 9” heater is perfect to warm up your feet under the desk or can be used to take the chill out of any small area. The fan forced heater is highly reliable and a great value for the price.

Lasko 754200 offers three headset settings – 1500Watt High heat setting, 900Watt low heat setting and fan only.

Fan only option is gong to be very useful. You do not have to toss the heater in the attic during summer; the heater can sit as a fan on your desk! In spite of being a fan assisted heater, the unit is quite in operation. The fan of the heater draws in air from the back of the unit and hence it is recommended to maintain at least 2 to 3 inches of clearance to avoid any obstruction.

Lasko has designed the product so well; they have included all the necessary features and yet kept it very simple and easy to use. All the manual controls are precise and easy to use. Personalized comfort is assured with Lasko’s adjustable thermostat control.

With this Lasko ceramic heater at home, you can spend any hard winter days without any worries. This ETL listed ceramic heater features all the safety features like automatic overheat protection. The heater is cool to touch; its plastic housing is not even warm when the unit is on.

Overall, Lasko 754200 ceramic heater is a great product that gives powerful heat, suitable for under the desk or table top use. Convenient carrying handle helps to carry the unit from one place to other easily.

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Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Best Ceramic Heaters

Before writing this review, let me clear that personal heaters are meant to heat a very small area around the unit. They are not built to heat up an entire room or even your office cubicle on a whole.

You can barely feel the heat any further than 2 feet away from this Lasko My heat. This little heater can generate a good amount of heat that is just enough to heat up its immediate surroundings.

So, if you are looking for a tiny heater on your office desk to stop yourself from shivering when your colleagues have set the AC to freezing temperature, then, yes, this personal heater is going to be your favorite.

Looks wise, nothing much to expect; it is a nice simple tiny heater mostly made of plastic. But it is available in four different colors – blue, purple, black and white.

Being a ceramic personal heater, the unit is made of self regulating ceramic element. This ETL listed heater also features automatic overheat protection for safety.

Lasko myHeat is one little energy smart heater that uses only 200 watts. This not only saves your energy bills but also avoid tripping of circuit breakers if multiple heaters are used at the same time.

If you are angry on your boss, don’t show it on this tiny friend of yours! The machine does not feature auto tip over protectionL. However, this whisper-quiet heater is backed by 3 years limited warranty.

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DeLonghi DCH1030

Best Ceramic Heaters

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 Types Of Ceramic Heaters

Now that you have already chosen to buy a ceramic heater, it is the time to think of what type to buy. Though the working is same in all, ceramic heaters are available in a variety of style and designs. Some are fan assisted and some oscillating type. So, let us look at the different types of ceramic heaters available in the market.

  • Portable ceramic heaters

These are the compact, lightweight space heaters. Mean to be portable, they are nothing but small ceramic space heaters with all the necessary features packed neatly in a small box which can be carried around.

Portable ceramic heaters are ideal for heating up a small room or a particular area of the room. They are effective personal heaters to use on your office desk while working or under the desk to warm up your feet.

If you want to buy a portable heater since you are staying in a rented accommodation or just because you do not want to install any space heater apart from the central heating system then the portable ceramic heater could be a perfect choice. They heat up the little space effectively.

They are usually fan assisted in distributing heat evenly throughout the room. However, not all the fan assisted heaters are noisy. Most of them are quite and not going to spoil your peaceful sleep.

  • Ceramic wall heaters

As the name suggests, this type of ceramic heaters needs to mount on a wall. Installation involves fixing the unit on the wall and connecting the heater to the existing power supply.

Wall mounting ceramic heater is a permanent heating solution in your home. Depending on the design, they can be even built into the wall without compromising the room’s décor. The wall ceramic heaters will be very sleek and you can even paint the heater to match up with the surrounding ambiance.

This type of ceramic heaters can be mounted on a bathroom wall since they are safe to use even in damp areas. Wall mounting ceramic heaters are more effective and powerful in heating up an entire room than their portable counterparts.

  • Ceramic tower heaters

This type of ceramic heaters is sleek in design. If you want to use a space heater in a room that is already filled with much other stuff and you do not want to place a bulk heater in between them, then go for ceramic tower heaters. They are taller and narrower than other types of ceramic heaters and usually come with oscillation feature. Thus, this floor standing ceramic heater is best suited for the room where there are many objects and many people sitting in different places at the same time. It is sure to do heat up the entire room efficiently and keep everyone comfortably warm.

Some of the brands like Lasko have introduced floor standing ceramic heaters that look much like a decorative piece than a heater. With the crackle finish and the metal scroll work the heater blends beautifully blends with surrounding décor.

How do ceramic heater works?

The heaters have metal coils that heat up when electricity passes through them (this is similar to a coil heater). There are a number of ceramic plates attached to these coils, and these plates absorb the heat and release it to the surrounding air. The ceramic heaters transfer heat through convection i.e., heat will be transferred to the air without directly heating the objects.

Ceramic heaters are quicker in action than coil heaters and also once switched off, they cool down faster.

One more important thing about ceramic heaters is that the ceramic heaters consist of a heating element of PTC ceramic. PTC ceramic is known for their Positive Temperature Coefficient of resistance.

Sorry, if I am going too scientific here.  The electric current passes through the element when it is cool and stops after reaching the threshold temperature (the threshold depends on the composition of the material). To put it in simple words, since heating element itself acts as a thermostat temperature is self-regulating.

Ceramic Heaters Heating Costs

Ceramic heaters are budget friendly and not going to add up to your bills.  Ceramic heaters are available in wide variety of price tags. You can easily pick the one that matches your requirement without burning your pocket.

Installation: Installing a ceramic heater is not going to cost much. If you are planning to install a wall mounted ceramic heater, you may probably need to get the heater wired into the existing electricity supply. The installation cost is totally nil if you are going for portable ceramic heaters or the floor standing/ table top models since they just have to be unpacked and placed in the area you want.

Ceramic heaters running cost:

Though the ceramic heaters are already energy efficient, to reduce the operational cost –

  • You need to make sure that the area is well insulated. Remember, ceramic heaters transfer heat through convection and not by radiation.
  • Use ceramic heaters as zoned or supplemental heating system.
  • By using a thermostat, you can ensure the temperature of the room is comfortable and you are not wasting energy.
  • Maintain some clearance around the heater. This not only ensures safety but also avoids blocking the heat transfer.

Ceramic heaters Maintenance cost:

Known for their durability, ceramic heaters requires no maintenance. You may need to occasionally vacuum the heaters to remove any dust particles. Though the dust is not going to cause any damage to the heater, the heater’s fan may end up circulating the polluted air across the room whole night and thereby causing air-borne allergies.

Ceramic Heaters Size and Design

Like in the case of any space heaters, you need to consider the area in sq ft that you need to heat up and buy the ceramic heaters accordingly. If you are planning to buy portable ceramic heaters and want to use it in different rooms then consider the dimension of the biggest room among them.

For a larger room, it is to better buy the oscillating ceramic heater since they can distribute heat across the room without leaving a particular area cold.

If you want a heater near your desk while working then the little table top/floor standing ceramic heater will do the job for you. They are quite easy to use with top mounted controls. They can also keep your feet warm when kept on the floor.

The oscillating tower heaters are highly versatile in that way. They are ideal for heating up a small room or you can get the direct heat without oscillating to warm your feet under the desk.

Most of the ceramic heaters are fan assisted and have the fan only option for year round usage.

Are Ceramic Heaters Energy Efficient?

Ceramic heaters are one of the most energy efficient space heaters. The ceramic heaters absorb the heat from the metal coils and distribute it. Hence the energy is efficiently used without much loss and also the heating process will be faster. Also, the fan distributes heat throughout the room assuring no loss o the heat output.

So, if you want to cut down on your monthly electricity bill without compromising on toasty cozy room, the faster and energy efficient ceramic heater is the ultimate option.

However, you still need to make sure that you have chosen the right size of ceramic heater for your needs so that you won’t end up wasting energy. In fact, to get maximum output from any space heaters you need to check if you have poor insulation and draught as they also contribute the loss of heat. Never block the path of the heat so that it can freely flow around your room.

Are ceramic heaters safe?

Ceramic Heater Safety tips

Ceramic heaters are considered to be the safest space heaters. They are made up of PTC) Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic. To put it in simple words, the element conducts electricity only till a threshold level and stops once it reaches that threshold. In short, they are self-temperature regulating. So the temperature never reaches the danger level to cause any fire hazard.

In addition to this, most of the ceramic heaters are fan assisted (not all). Fan not only transfers heat evenly throughout the room but also helps in cooling down the heater.

However, apart from the overheating prevention, there are other safety features to be considered while buying as well as installing and using a ceramic heater.

  • Wall ceramic heater or portable?

If you want a ceramic heater as a permanent heating solution to the room then go for wall ceramic heaters. They are safer than the portable ones since there will be no risk of accidentally tipping it over.

Ceramic tower heaters are more likely to get tipped over because of their tall and sleek design.  Anyhow, they are equipped with features to shut down automatically when knocked over.

  • Personal heaters

Personal heaters are to be kept much near to the user to get the required warmth. This would be dangerous sitting so close to the heaters. So, though the personal heaters are easily affordable, buy a personal heater with all the necessary safety features and position it wisely.

  • Safety features:

Like any other space heaters, ceramic ones also offer features like anti-tip over switches and overheat protection to ensure safety. Some also have got the thermostat to control the heat output.

  • Safety Certification:

While buying any space heaters, it is better to buy the one that is certified by organizations like ETL or CSA.

I personally suggest you not to buy any used space heaters but go for the new ones. After all, your safety is in your hands.

Ceramic heater v/s infrared

Infrared heaters heat up the space using radiation whereas ceramic heaters are convection type. Infrared heaters heat up the objects directly and ceramic ones heat up the ambient air surrounding.

Infrared heaters often emit light. This may be an advantage or a disturbance for you in the night. For those who prefer total darkness to enjoy their night sleep, ceramic heaters suites the best.

Ceramic heaters are often assisted by a fan so that the heat gets distributed evenly throughout the room. Though the advanced models of ceramic heaters offer noiseless operation, fans are going to be little noisy anyhow. The Little humming sound in the night may sound like a lullaby to some or may cause a disturbance. Again, it is every individual’s personal choiceJ

Now, coming to the important aspect of a space heater i.e., the efficiency of heating – well, there is a tough fight between the two. Both ceramic and infrared red space heaters are efficient enough to keep the room toasty and comfortable for you.

Having their own method of working, the two space heaters are quite different. Infrared heaters are perfect to use in a room where there are fewer objects causing obstruction the heat flow. Remember, infrared heaters heat up the objects directly.

On the contrary, if you have a big room filled with furniture or any other objects and many people in the room at the same time then go for the oscillating ceramic heaters.

To sum it up – infrared heaters are quick in action. However, they cool down fast once switched off which is not the case of ceramic heaters. If you want targeted heating then go for infrared heaters.

On the other hand, made up of highly durable heating elements ceramic heaters requires zero maintenance. You will also be having the provision of using a thermostat with them.


Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote Control

Auto Shut-off.
Automatic Overheat Protection.
Electronic Touch-Control Operation.
Widespread Oscillation for Full-Room Coverage.
8.2 x 8.2 x 16.1 inches.
8 pounds.
Mode: 2(Low/High Heat).
1500 watts
Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote
Programmable to sweep heat 90-degree, 170-degree or full 360-degree.
Digital thermostat.
Easy-grip carry handle.
9.2 x 8.4 x 25 inches.
9.1 pounds.
Mode: 2(Low/High Heat).
1500 watts.
Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control
Nice digital display.
Light and Portable.
Widespread oscillation.
Programmable thermostat.
8-hour timer.
ETL listed.
Auto Heat Shut-off function.
24 x 15 x 15 inches.
9 pounds.
Mode: 3(Low/High/Auto Heat).
1500 watts.
Pelonis NT20
Adjustable thermostat.
Fan only setting.
Thermal cut-off overheat.
4.5 x 6.5 x 8.2 inches.
3 pounds.
Mode: 2(Low/High Heat).
1500 watts.
Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 16-Inch
Lot of built-In Safety Features.
Versatile Size for Table or Floor Use.
E.T.L. listed.
3-Year Limited Warranty.
5.6 x 5.9 x 16 inches.
4.6 pounds.
Mode: 3(Low/High Heat and Fan only).
1500 watts.
Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater
Adjustable thermostat.
Compact ceramic heating with easy to adjust manual controls.
1 Year Limited Warranty.
7.2 x 7.2 x 9.3 inches.
2.9 pounds.
Mode: 2(Low/High Heat and Fan only).
1500 watts.
Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat
Very Quiet Operation.
Automatic overheat protection for safety.
Convenient carrying handle.
Adjustable Thermostat Control for Personalized Comfort.
ETL listed.
6 x 7 x 9.2 inches.
3.5 pounds.
Mode: 3(Low/High Heat and Fan only).
900/1500 watts.
Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater
Self-Regulating Safe Ceramic Element.
Overheat protection.
Lower power usage saves on your energy bill.
ETL listed.
3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1 inches.
1.6 pounds.
Mode: 1.
200 watts.
DeLonghi DCH1030
Auto-Shut Off.
Wide grill disperses even, consistent heat.
Safeheat prevents overheating.
Anti-freeze technology prevents frozen pipes.
Fan-only setting for warmer seasons.
Built-in carry handle for easy moving.
10 x 8.9 x 7.3 inches.
3.3 pounds.
Mode: 2(Low/High Heat and Fan only).
825/1500 watts.


Owning a space heater as a compliment to the central heating system is always a good idea not only because it saves money but the space heaters are energy efficient too. The ceramic heater is one energy efficient and affordable space heater to consider that can be used as a personal heater or to heat up the entire room.

Quicker in action, safety and durability are all assured in a ceramic heater.

You can select the sleek wall mounting style or the floor standing tower ceramic heaters without compromising the ambiance of the room. They are safe to use around kids and pets and also in any damp areas like the bathroom.

Since there are so many different options available, you need to do a little homework before buying a space heater. In our ceramic heaters buying guide, we have included all the necessary information, one need to know and understand before buying a ceramic heater.

The top 10 ceramic heaters list helps you to find the best ceramic heaters in all price range. Get a toasty comfortable room or a workplace with ceramic heater next to you. Happy winter!!!